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Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
have a chance to go to heritage hall, folks, if you're in los angeles and you want to sight-see. go to harrison hall to look at all the heisman trophies and great busts of former usc players. just a wonderful, wonderful trip. don't forget, the fox saturday postgame report. a blowout. wolverines going down hard but matt barkley, big day. marqise lee, big day as well as usc opens up with a 49-10 win over hawaii. next week they'll travel to new york to take on syracuse in the meadowlands. 49-10, the final. southern california, the number one team in the nation starts off strong as coach chow and coach kiffin greet each other at midfield. >>> number one team looking very strong. coming up on the at&t postgame show i'll be joined alongside eddie and joey. they'll give your comments and we've got the oregon ducks playing right now. we'll get you all caught up. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. i can get everyone their favorite pizza. any size, any toppings for just ten bucks. pepperoni lover's, meat lover'
Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
and that's what friends were for. he died of complications from a stroke in los angeles. he was 91 years old. >>> more details after a top official at i.c.e. turns in her resignation. >> plus u.s. military officials are holding off training for thousands of afghan police recruits following dozens of deadly attacks on american troops, what that means for our relationship with afghanistan. >> and it's a day many u.s. veterans will never forget, vj day or victory over japan. today people gathered for a special ceremony in honor of the anniversary, plus we talk to one veteran who fought in the south pacific nearly seven decades ago, those stories and much more coming up on the news at 10:00. stay with us.  >>> a senior official from the department of homeland security is stepping down over sexual harassment accusations. suzanne barr, chief of staff at immigration and customs enforcement has resigned. fox's peter doocy has the story. >> reporter: suzanne barr first made news two weeks ago for allegedly telling a colleague he was a sexy expletive monday other things. now she
Sep 3, 2012 10:00pm EDT
has died in a los angeles hospital after nearly two months of treatments following a heart attack president of duncan appeared in dozens of -- attack. duncan appeared in dozens of box office hits like planet of the apes and the green mile. he was nominated for an oscar for his performance. dunn campus 54. >>> patrick feeks body came home to edgewater today. he was killed in afghanistan more than two weeks ago. laura evans with the story. >> today's homecoming was especially moving because so many people showed up taking time out of their holiday to honor a man they had never even met. [ sirens ] >> with honor and gratitude fellow americans boned only through country paying tribute -- bonded only through country paying tribute to petty officer first class feeks killed in afghanistan august 16th. his helicopter crashed during a firefight win is urgents. today his body returned -- with insurgents. today his body returned, not the homecoming his family hoped here. most here never even knew patrick feeks but all realized he gave his life fighting for freedom and wanted to say thank you
Sep 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
day the mayor of los angeles. if ucla wins this game and an election is tomorrow, he wins. >> charles: look out mayor vee a la go sa. you could be defeated by tomorrow morning. >> referee: false start, offense. number 60. five-yard penalty. >> charles: what did jim mora tell julie alexander at the half? that they needed to capitalize going into the half or whatever. that they needed to capitalize after getti stop. that's what he wanted his offense to get done. they're getting that done right now. >> gus: jim mora, deep breath. second and third teams. hundley. hundley, out of bounds. pushed out of bounds by p.j. smith. >> charles: trying to use the pursuit of nebraska against itself, showing flow in one direction toward the field, to the wide side. and then coming back to the backside with one lead blocker out in front on an offensive lineman. >> gus: third down and six at the nebraska 16. thigpen in the backfield with hundley. hundley. goes up top. fauria, and he couldn't bring it in. daimion stafford got enough on it to break it up. >> charles: what a stand by the nebraska defense af
Sep 13, 2012 10:00pm EDT
helped push democracy including libya. as for that controversial film made in los angeles, reports are now surfacing the actors were told it was an arabian desert adventure and some of the most controversial lines mocking the prophet muhammad were later dubbed in. >>> learning more about the u.s. ambassador to libya who died in tuesday's attack in the consulate, a doctor who treated him said chris stevens died from asphyxiation from smoke in halls. stevens was reportedly killed -- inhalation. stevens was reportedly killed while trying to save members of his staff. tonight those who knew him are speaking out. >> my understanding is the reason he was killed is that he went back in to go save his people, his employees. >> three other americans were also killed in the attack. >>> a baltimore county judge postponed a bail hearing for a teenager charged with shooting a fellow student the first day of class. the attorney for 15-year-old robert gladden jr. requested the delay saying the teen had been on suicide watch while being treated at a psychiatric hospital. during a news conference t
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
film called the innocence of muslims. he was questioned at the los angeles sheriff's station early this morning. and he is under investigation because he has been convicted of financial crimes in the past. but he has not been arrested for this film. >> we've never handcuffed. he was never arrested. never detained. never in custody. it was all voluntary. he covered himself up with a cloth on the face. that's what he wanted. and he had every right to do it. >> nakoula is on probation for financial crimes and key go back to prison if a judge decides he violated the terms of of the probation. he denice being involved in the film. >>> the cop tick orthodox churches across the country are bracing for backlash because of the anti-muslim film promoted by a reported church member. saint mark's cop tick church in fairfax was quick to condemn the 13-minute film and hoping the 19th annual egyptian festival will show the community what they're all about. >> the coptic orthodox church has its roots in egypt and the egyptian festival is an event church members at saint mark's coptic orthodox chu
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. live claritin clear. >>> fade in -- los angeles county, california. garrett warren was gunned down, shot four times in his own home, but somehow survived. it fit his character really. a hollywood stuntman, martial artist and former fighter. not only did he survive, but he was able to identify his shooter. a man who'd been caught with what looked like a hit note in his car. they tell you his name is miguel kiros. >> yes. >> that name mean anything to you? >> not at the time at all. >> it sounded at first like a strong case. but the more law enforcement and prosecutor hume chun investigated, the weaker it seemed to become. you've done a lot of work. and mostly you've helped prove your defendant's alibi. >> sure. so far, right? eventually really proved the alibi that he didn't do this. >> remember, multiple witnesses put miguel kiros about 80 miles away from garrett's home on the night of the shooting. then like a scene from "columbo" came this latest twist, something the prosecutors saw during a court hearing. >> i'm noticing some things. first of all, miguel kiros is left handed. th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7